ELP 2 megapixel 2.8mm lens full HD 1080P H.264 low illumination 2.8mm lens micro usb camera module

ELP 2 megapixel 2.8mm lens full HD 1080P H.264 low illumination 2.8mm lens micro usb camera module

  • Model: ELP-USBFHD06H-L28
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    * 2MP 1080P H.264 USB Camera module wit 2.8mm lens
    * 1/2.9” Sony IMX323 sensor for high quality image
    * 0.01 Lux Low illumination - ideal for any lighting condition
    * With HD 2.8mm M12 lens
    * With microphone for audio recording
    * H.264/MJPEG/YUY2 dual video format optional
    * Mini size 38x38/32x32mm for embedded application
    * High speed USB 2.0 plug&play port - suitable for any PC with USB 2.0 interface
    * Low power consumption - ideal for portable equipment.
    * UVC compliant - support Windows, Linux, Android system with UVC
    * Support USB2.0 OTG Protocol - Can be external camera for mobile phone, Tablet and other device which support OTG
    * Application: Scanner, 3D printer, Simple surveillance, Robot, ATM, Kiosk etc.

    Why Choose H.264 camera?

    1. Has higher coding efficiency.
    2. Can provide high-quality video images at the low bit rate as well as the low bandwidth.
    3. H.264 can work in real-time communication application low-latency mode, such as Video Conferencing systems, Online video storage and streaming, video game consoles, mobile video through 3G/4G…






     2MP Low illumination USB camera module with 2.8mm lens

    Resolution & FPS

    1920 x 1080  H.264/MJPEG 30fps                        1280 x 720    H.264/MJPEG 30fps       
    800 x 600   H.264 /MJPEG 30fps     YUY2 15fps                               
    640 x 480   H.264 /MJPEG/YUY2 30fps                   640 x360   H.264 /MJPEG/YUY2 30fps    
    352 x 288   H.264 /MJPEG/YUY2 30fps                   320 x 240   H.264 /MJPEG/YUY2 30fps



    Connecting Port Type

    USB2.0 High speed

    Sensor Size

    1/2.9 inch

    Support free driver

     USB Video Class(UVC)

    Pixel Size


    Shutter Type

    Electronic rolling shutter/ Frame exposure

    Max. Resolution

    1920 (H) *1080 (V)

    AEB  AEC


    Picture format

    H.264 MJPEG or YUY2(YUYV)



    Lens Parameter

    2.8mm lens
    (2.1mm,3.6mm,6mm,8mm,12mm,no distorion lens, L170, L180..Many other lens optional)

    Adjustable parameters

    Hue, Sharpness,Gamma, Exposure
    White balance,Backlight Contrast


    Standard 1m / Optional 2m,3m,5m

    work temperature


    Board Size



    FCC and CE

    Mini illumination


    Power Supply

     DC 5V

    USB Protocol

     USB2.0 HS/FS

    Operating Voltage


    OTG protocol

    USB2.0 OTG

    Special function

    Low illumination, with microphone

    Night vision

     without night vision
    (Can connect IR LED board to get night vision function)

    LED board power connector

    Support, 2P-2.0mm socket

    Support OS

    WinXP/Vista/WIN7/WIN8 /WIN9/WIN10
    Linux with UVC
     Mac-OS X 10.4.8 or later
    Wince with UVC,  
    Android 4.0 or above

    Optional Models

    ELP-USBFHD06H-L21(2.1mm)                                  ELP-USBFHD06H-L36(3.6mm)
    ELP-USBFHD06H-L37(3.7mm)                                  ELP-USBFHD06H-L60(6mm)
    ELP-USBFHD06H-L80(8mm)                                     ELP-USBFHD06H-L12(12mm)
    ELP-USBFHD06H-L170(Fisheye lens)                     ELP-USBFHD06H-L180(Fisheye lens)
    ELP-USBFHD06H-L100 (No distortion lens  HFOV 80 degree  VFOV 48 degree)
    ELP-USBFHD06H-H100 (No distortion lens  HFOV 95 degree  VFOV 62 degree)
    ELP-USBFHD06H-H110 (No distortion lens --3% distortion  HFOV 109 degree  VFOV 72 degree)
    ELP-USBFHD06H-H120 (No distortion lens--3% distortion   HFOV 120 degree  VFOV 82 degree)


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