1200P/1080P 90FPS Global Shutter USB Camera

Main Features:

1.Sensor: With high quality Aptina AR0234 (1/2.6”) Sensor;

2.Resolution: Full HD 1920*1200 High Resolution 2.3MP Global Shutter USB Camera;

3.High Speed: Mjpeg 90FPS@1920*1200, Mjpeg 90FPS@1920*1080,Mjpeg 90FPS@1600*1200, Mjpeg 90FPS@1280*960*1200, etc.;

4.Megapixel Lens: High Quality lenses with M12 mount, View angle from 12 degree to 200 degree available;

5.High Quality Image: Super Image reality, real color reproduction, without interpolation;

6.UVC Support: Free Driver , Plug and Play, easily used on different systems;

7.Support Systems: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi...;

8.OTG Support: can be used on Android smartphone, recommended app "USB Camera".

9.Wide Application: Well used for High Speed- sports photography, AI object recognition, Industrial inspection, Video applications, Industrial automation, robotics, or scientific imaging. Some can also be used for Augmented and virtual reality, gesture and eye tracking, depth and motion detection.... and so on.

ELP 2MP AR0234 Sensor 1200P/ 1080P 90FPS Global Shutter USB Camera
ELP 2MP AR0234 Sensor 1200P/ 1080P 90FPS Global Shutter USB Camera
Product Model: ELP-USBGS1200P01-V100
Why Global Shutter Camera? A global shutter (total shutter) camera can captures an image by exposing the entire sensor at once, rather than scanning the sensor line-by-line as in a rolling shutter camera. This means that all pixels in the image are exposed simultaneously, resulting in an image that is free of distortion caused by motion during exposure.It can avoid smearing when when capturing high-speed motion.   Features: * Sensor:  1/2.6”AR0234 CMOS Sensor * Resolution :up to1200P, 1920(H)*1200(V) * High Speed/High FPS:  1920x1200 Mjpeg 90FPS, 1920x1080 Mjpeg...More Info