KMC-4400R Video Capture Card, DVR Card, KODICOM Card
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Model: KMC-4400R
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KMC-4400R Video Card:
 KODICOM 4400R provides 4 channels of camera input using 120 frames of live video display & recording.

KODICOM KMC-4400R Video Card:
  KODICOM 4400R provides 4 channel of IR Dome CCTV Camera inputs and 120 frames of display/recordingit also delivers the function of higher recording speed & audio inputs for department store and parking lot, hospital, etc concerned high recording speed than display .


Capture Rate (max.): 4CH Real-Time 120(NTSC)/100(PAL) fps or 16CH unrealtime rec. & display.
                                  Can build 8CH Real-Time(240/200fps) system from 2pcs KMC-4400R
Display (NTSC/PAL): 120 / 100 fps.
Recording (NTSC/PAL): 120 / 100 fps.
Resolution: NTSC: 640x480,320x240,160x120 / PAL: 768x576,384x288,192x144
Video Input: 1-16 CH (can build 16CH from 2pcs.).
Audio input: 1 CH two-way.
External Monitor: 1 CH TV-OUT.
IE Support: YES.
PT/Z Control: 1-16 CH, RS422/RS485.
Compression Format: Engine-k (developed by kodicom).
Interface: PCI Type.
OS:Windows 98 / ME / 2000Pro / XP Pro.


Real-Time monitoring:Simultaneously record up to 16 cameras.
Search real-time:Searh by date, time and camera.
Image compression & storage:High-resolution compression to average of 1~6kb per picture with kodicom patented engine-k codec algorithm.
Motion tracking:enables a camera to follow an object without manual intervention.
Image transmission:High quality picture transmission over pstn, isdn & lan network.
Auto transmission:Auto transmission to monitoring center when emergency occurs.
Multi screen monitoring:1, 4, 9, 16 split monitoring.
Remote control:Pan/tilt/zoom, control and other electronic devices.

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